Richmond Hill’s Best Kept Secret

Most anyone from a small town will agree that there are few well-kept secrets. Eventually, the secrets get out. One of the better kept secrets in our town is Richmond Hill Community Theatre. To date, RHCT has produced twenty-three shows including musicals and dinner theatres.  Our audiences have steadily increased over the years. Yet, the most common response we encounter around town is, “I didn’t know Richmond Hill had a community theatre.”

YES! Richmond Hill has a community theatre.

In 2010, our first musical play, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, was performed at a church in Richmond Hill. It was followed in 2011 by a dinner theatre, Murder, Medium Rare, at a local restaurant. In those early days we scrambled to find cheap (free) venues to stage our shows, our budget was practically imaginary, and our advertising largely consisted of word-of-mouth and flyers placed around town.  Since then, hundreds of Richmond Hill community members have acted and /or directed, been crew members, and have enjoyed the shows as audience members.

In one sense, we have no place to call “home”. We don’t have our own stage or building and our box office is online. But in another sense, the community of Richmond Hill is our home. We perform in various venues around town, often working with the support of local businesses and City Hall to put on great shows. We provide a stage for local talents and affordable, quality entertainment for the community. We’d like to do so much more, but we are limited by our current lack of dedicated space.

RHCT has big dreams and is working hard to make them a reality. But to do that we can’t afford to be the best kept secret in Richmond Hill. We are re-introducing ourselves to the community with this new website and a new logo, courtesy of the generous support of Leigh Payne Creative Studio. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, as well.

Our twenty-fourth show, An Evening with Edgar Allen Poe, is in rehearsals. It will be performed at the Wetlands Center in September and features some of Poe’s most popular short stories. It will be followed by, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, in November, on the stage at The Waterfront Church. We’ll be ending the season in March, with Little Women at the Wetlands Center.

We hope you’ll come and enjoy the shows! But please, DON”T keep it a secret –spread the word and come participate in your community theatre!


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